How Hot Is The New iPad Getting?


The new iPad runs noticeably hotter than the iPad 2 , to the point were some are even seeing it overheat entirely  — but how hot is it getting? Chinese site App111 went above and beyond, and busted out a thermal scanner to see just how bad the heat was. Comparing an iPad 2 to the new iPad, both tablets were put through their paces running Infinity Blade II, and left face down for more than 20 minutes. The result? Parts of the new iPad get up to 32.5°C — that’s 90.5°F, for those who don’t do metric.

In other words, hot, but not scorching.

Why is this happening? Bigger battery, better processor, 4G LTE, and, of course, running that enormous Retina Display. All that adds up to a whole lot more heat.

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