New iPad Uses Retina Display For iPhone Games



When the iPhone 4 debuted with the original Retina Display, iPhone apps immediately started being released with better assets to take advantage of the new screen. However, the iPad couldn’t take advantage of these assets without a jailbreak tweak, meaning that even though better quality versions were available, users were still stuck upscaling from low quality files. With the new iPad, and its own Retina Display, that’s all changed.

As TouchArcade discovered , running iPhone (not universal) apps on the new iPad made them use the high-quality assets designed for use on the Retina Display of the iPhone 4 and 4S, rather than the crummy 3GS versions. So why wasn’t this an option before? A commenter on the TouchArcade report has a likely sounding explanation :

The reason for not using them on the old iPad is that you can’t load 2x resources when in 2x mode and then load the normal assets when switching back to 1x mode. The frameworks just don’t support that. Scaling the 2x images down to 1x is not a good choice either as it could result is other visual problems (e.g., 1 pixel lines could be completely lost).

Now that the iPad has enough resolution to show the 2x images at 1x scale without loss of detail, the feature is feasible.

For those of us with older devices, there’s a jailbreak app which will bring this functionality to the iPad 2 called RetinaPad.